All tourism businesses, such as short-term rentals depend on seasonality, travel habits and trends.

Here are 5 + 1 tricks on how to attracts visitors in the off-season and improve those lower occupancy rates.

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1. "Daily bookings" - think of the last minute bookers!  Keep the apartment clean and be prepared for last-minute arrivals. Use a dropbox/key-locker option to provide self-check in option for your guests, which makes life easier for both of you.

2. 1-day booking - many people do not like to allow one-night guests into their apartments. But it is a good income in these less thriving months. Not to mention that Airbnb and other accommodation platforms value these reservations as well, which helps to increase the listing’s position, making it more visible to potential visitors.

3. Offer discounts - On most of the accommodation sites you can easily set special discounts for specific periods, which can potentially help you increase the impressions and inquiries regarding your apartment.

4. Differentiate - This is an eternal truth, but try to get more special airbnb categories! While most of airbnb hosts can not reach airbnb-plus category very simply, the child-proof and business-ready categories can be reached by going through a little transformation (buying the necessary furniture or provide important features for those kind of guests).

5. Try new platforms - Many people are reluctant to sign up for other platforms due to the financial and amortization insurance system provided by airbnb, but in the off season it is a good idea to register for such accommodation sites as a, homeaway or flipkey.

+1. Let's work with professionals – We put great emphasis on optimising our clients revenues and occupancy rates during the off-season too. Based on professional expertise and the softwares available to us, we can make sure your apartment gets the highest possible result every month. If you feel like your listing can perform better than it does, get in contact with us and we will help you build out a strategy for both the high and low seasons, providing you with a full-service all year round.